Let’s go to the party!!! But why?

Let’s go to the party!!! But why?

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When I started to share my stories,  I promised myself that I will share all the stories including the wrong ones. Now a kind of the wrong story is coming. Currently, I am living with 7 Erasmus students together.

You shouldn’t have illusions. Everybody knows why the majority of young people wants to go for Erasmus… because of the parties. That’s why my flatmates go out more times per week. Going to a club/pub is so popular for them. It means that they drink something at home till 1 am, after go somewhere and arrive back at 8-9 am. Sometimes I meet them in the morning because I often get up that time. I don’t have any problems with this kind of parties because I can sleep at night.

The house parties happen more rarely what they organize in the living room. There were two this kind of it so far. The second one was last weekend.  I tried to oversleep the first one a month ago, but this plan wasn’t successful. I changed the strategy now. I was thinking it’s not appropriate to judge something without giving a chance to them. I may like it. I went to the downstairs where the  Mexican girls live. I brought the glasses of palinka with me. We were talking. They drunk my palinka and I tasted their Mexican drink with mango. We felt good. I wished to stay there all night.

But we went to the upstairs.

Everybody just was standing and was speaking with their own friends. They didn’t want to get to know each other.  They weren’t smiling. They weren’t dancing but the music was so loud. I didn’t feel they enjoyed the party. The noise was so loud as well. I heard neither my voice nor other ones.

Then we went to a club, where I felt myself worst than at home. People didn’t pay attention to each other, stepped on my foot many times and strongly pushed me. They didn’t even say “desclupe” (excuse me) and “obrigado” (thank you). The boys looked at the girls as the lion does to his prey when he is so hungry.

The smoke hurt my eyes so much.

After some hours a Mexican girl felt sick. Gabi caught a cold and her voice was going. She wanted to go home. I grabbed the opportunity to take her home. In the entrance door, we just realized we didn’t have keys, rang many times but nobody opened the door. They must be sleeping at 4 am. I suggested to Gabi that we should find a warm place to stay because we were standing in the cold of early morning which was not that good for Gabi’s illness. We found a bank where it was warm enough. We spent there 2 hours until the others arrived.

Gabi calmed down. Her voice was coming back and she was grateful because I accompanied her. She didn’t understand why I am so calm. Actually, I also didn’t understand. I used to be in panic in similar situations and blamed everyone else for everything expect me. Now I felt I don’t have any problem. I am in a warm, calm place with Gabi who we didn’t really know each other so the chance was given to change it.

However mostly negative things happened with me, I didn’t consider it such a negative ones, rather I transformed it to positive. It was interesting to observe people. What they call “party” and “having fun”? Are they really feeling good? Are they really having fun? Is that good that they do things what they wouldn’t do it without the influence of alcohol or they are lying all day because of the hangover? Does it really worth for some pleasant hours? Or do they just live their life according to the social expectations because they think there is no other choice?

I tell you a secret. You always have another choice. We can always decide that we don’t want to do the same things what others do. We don’t need to follow the crowd just because that’s the expectation. The time is passing so fastly to not to do things what we really wouldn’t like.

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