Is India really dangerous?

Surprisingly I was so calm one week before my journey, however, I counted the days back and every day when I woke up the first thought coming to my mind was something concerning my trip. The days were passing quickly. I had some exams left, went to teach and tried to make my family calmed down as they worried a lot because of my visiting to this dangerous country.

People asked me the same question many times not only in my country but also in India what was the following: “What did your family say when you told them you want to go to India?” Actually, there was no question like this, however, I normally answered that they worried a lot at the beginning but in time when the realized everything is organized and planned, they were ready to let me go. It was just partly true.

Worrying was mostly because they have never been there so do not have personal experiences, that’s why they could get information only in two ways. Firstly they asked people who traveled to India in organized groups. I’m sure it was a challenging experience for them as well but it’s totally different to travel in groups than alone. Those people who have never traveled alone, don’t even know how different it is. However they all mostly had bad experiences, I was open to being shared. The second way was worst because they judged India according to the TV news. On the mainstream TV channels, the shared news are not completely true. For some reasons they try to mislead people and make them think India is a very dangerous country. The news had shown the dirty streets, many homeless people, pauperism, kidnapping, sexual violence, low quality of life, etc… Most people in Europe judge everything based on their smelling and hearing. We create categories in the system. In most cases, there are only two ones: good and bad. Clean is good, dirty is bad. Love is good, fear is bad. We think we are on the middle of everything. People who are living on a better quality of life than us, they have a so cool and enviable life (even if they got their wealth from unfair businesses), but those people who are living on a lower quality of life, are so miserable and poor. We judge people based our status and circumstances.

Of course, I am not saying that all the parts of India are safe. There are some districts inside the cities where it’s not proposed to visit not only for tourists but for locals as well. It’s the same in other countries worldwide such as the favelas in Rio, some parts of the 8th district in Budapest, slums in New York, Rome, Berlin and I would mention any other city. Obviously, you need to keep the dress code and some rules in behavior, just like in other places.

In Hungary, many people told me that I need to be very careful because there are a lot of crimes there. According to them, the most common is the sexual violence against the girls. I checked some details on the Internet. Well, the truth is that 34651 girls were raped in 2015 in India that is 0,00026 % of the whole population (1,324 billion people). It means that every 38462nd person is raped in the Asian country. However I didn’t find a full European statistics, I analyzed four countries based on the same details. In 2015 the annual raped number was 5920 in Sweden, 24043 in England and Wales together and 6932 in France. If I sum up these numbers it’s already more than the Indian data even I am talking about only four less populated countries. For me, the biggest surprise was the data of Sweden as every 200th person was raped there in 2015.  (every 34651st in India). Based on this small research you have more chance to be raped in this four European countries than in India.  So I just raised the question. Is India really dangerous and Europe safe? Do we really need to worry more about people who visit the Asian country than the ones who go on vacation to Sweden?

I found the details mentioned above from official publications that you can also check with the link of the side below this text: