Everything happens for reason


I have always wanted to travel. When I was a child I always wanted to go somewhere, no matter where. I often slept either in my cousins or my friends. I preferred the changes. I was not able to stay in one place for a long time. Nonetheless, I was living in a bubble in a small city for 19 years until I left the grammar school. The grammar school is situated 200 meters far from my home, so I didn’t even have to move a lot to reach it, however, I wanted to do it. Every day was the same. I woke at 7 am, went to the school, arrived home at 3 pm, did my homework, watched the TV and listened to music and later on I went to the bed. Every weekday from Monday to Friday was the same.

I was sure that something was not going on the right way. I felt the desire for things to change. That’s why I knew there was no chance to choose a university nearby my hometown, however, my family wanted me to do that.

I moved to the capital city to Budapest.

I joined a student organization called AIESEC. I have worked there for 2 years, which was one of the most beautiful part of my life. I’ve improved and changed a lot, but I felt I need some change again. With the help of AIESEC, I could go to an international conference which was organized in Porto, Portugal. I was impressed by the city however, I couldn’t see a lot from it. It was like finding my second hometown that’s why I decided I will go back there one day.

Only half a year passed and I applied for ERASMUS. I choose Lisbon because there was no university in Porto on the list of possibilities, but I was sure that my destination will be Portugal. That’s why this time I started to study Portuguese.  I was scared when I got to inform that the university in Lisbon doesn’t reply to my coordinator’s messages. She told me that there is a new partnership with a Portuguese school called ISMAI. It’s situated in Maia, some kilometer far from Porto. I couldn’t believe it. I can go to that city where I really wanted. I felt like the magic is happening in front of my eyes all the time. That’s the story how I could live in this wonderful city which has changed my life. I’m sure that it happened for reason and I found another part of my soul there.