Meeting in Porto

I have been living in Porto for two months, but I have never met with any Hungarians here. According to my coordinator, only two Hungarians studied here from my university, one is in 2013  and the other one is before 2010 but he doesn’t  even remember the date. Most of them go to Lisbon because it’s easily accessible by direct flight from Budapest. Porto is 3 hours far away from Lisbon. But I’m sure it worth to visit here.

I met several people from different countries. When we introduced ourselves one of the first questions was always the same: Where are you from? I can separate people according to their reactions to where am I from. The first group of people has already visited Budapest, so they know where the country is situated, what is our mother tongue and that the capital city is so nice. The words of “szia” (hello) and “köszönöm” (thank you) are also familiar for some of those people.  The second group of people always asked if we speak English as a mother tongue. I answer that of course not: in our own language, in Hungarian. Most probably these people don’t know Hungary geographically.

Today I went to a bookstore. I like reading and I understand more and more in Portuguese, so it was the time to visit one. It was a so cozy place, maybe it’s because they used candles instead of the lamp that’s why the light was so low. There were benches around, where old ladies were reading. I went to one of the shelf to take a book off.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the name of the author of that book I was holding in my hand: Csáth Géza and I took a look at the word of “hungaro” (Hungarian).

OMG, it’s a Hungarian book in Porto, where there is no any Hungarian soul, I didn’t even hear any Hungarian word while walking on the street and NOW here is a book from a Hungarian author. I didn’t believe it. If it had cost 200 euros, I would also buy it, but it was just 10 euros. Wonderful.

Miracles are really happening, we are experiencing it every day. Sometimes because of the every day’s stress, we are able to forget that how wonderful the life is. Currently I notice it because  my life is peaceful without stress and I’m happy when the cute old lady enthusiastically gives me my daily strawberry portion at 7 pm in the grocery as I would be the British Queen, when I get a gift in a confectionary, just because I spent there two hours and therefore they are so thankful and when I visit Braga, where a local boy showed me the city by his car, invites me for lunch and doesn’t expect anything in return. Noticing these small things help you to live happily in hard life situations as well. Because of the happenings of today, I decided to create a blog and start to share my stories.