Why India?

One year ago, I have just arrived from Portugal where I have spent 6 months as an exchange student. From this period I got more I have ever hoped: a lot of experiences, adventures, unforgettable minutes, hours and days. I visited more Portuguese islands and cities. However I liked traveling with my friends there, I loved the most when I could go for backpacking trips. I have never done this kind of trip before, so everything was amazed me.  Getting somewhere I have never been, getting lost in the city, letting yourself dependent on the local’s help and kindness, letting the things happen and being open to everything. That was the time I realized I want to travel, but not to the neighbourhood countries. I want to visit places where people live and think in a different way, get to know different cultures. I was always impressed by South America, but I was sure I will spend there more than just some months. That time I started to be interested in the conscious lifestyle which made a lot of changes in my life, mainly in terms of eating habits, the way of thinking, doing sports and treating myself. More specifically, I have been eating fruits and vegetables instead of eggs and meats, doing yoga instead of running, concentrating on the prevention instead of taking medicines.

I was increasingly interested in yoga as much as it became the part of my daily life. I did it every single day in the mornings and I was looking for the opportunity how I can do some extra practice. After I studied the philosophy behind the exercises, I realized I must travel to the motherland of yoga, namely India.

From the moment of this realization, the first and only one goal was to save money for the flight ticket. That time I didn’t finish the university so I needed to go to classes for some hours every day. I was pretty sure I don’t want to spend the rest of my free time with working either as an administrator in the office or as a shop assistant in a mall. I tried out several student jobs but I didn’t really like none of them.

I wanted to get a job what I can really enjoy and I am not just doing it because of any compulsion or the money. In my every day’s life and also in AIESEC I really liked helping to others, supporting them and teaching something. Since I loved writing, reading and speaking in English, the English private classes seemed to be the most obvious. I just searched for whether I have the opportunity to advertise online. Well, I had. After some days, several people contacted me. At the beginnings, I had three students, but when the time was passing I got more, therefore I could buy  the ticket in January. I’m going to spend 2 months in India in the summer. It’s incredible. I couldn’t believe that. I cannot wait for it.

In the next months, I still needed to organize some stuff such as visa, vaccinations, accommodations and different events like volunteer job or yoga camp. The time passed very quickly and suddenly I was in Budapest Airport with the boarding card in my hands. I was scared and excited at the same time, but in particular, I was curious about everything.  If I cross into this gate, there is no way back. In some seconds I am going to enter to somewhere what I could not have even imagined how different, strange and amazing it is.

I was really happy to be succeed in it, however  this year was not always fun. Some days I was in the university from the morning till 4 in the afternoon, then I went to teach in one place at 6, then in another at 8. I got home after 10 when I could do only two things: taking a warm shower and going to the bed. Every day I noted down my daily incomes and expenses. It helped me a lot not to spend money for pointless and useless stuff. I collected the weekly promotion newspapers of the supermarkets, so I could buy the goods on the best prices. In every 2-3 weeks I took the saved money to my grandmother who was the best bank ever. She didn’t even take away from it, but increase the amount in some cases.

I believe that my story can be a message for everybody who thinks firstly traveling even outside of Europe is very expensive and impossible and secondly working is only possible in a company where you work for the boss’s profit and 500 Ft (1,5 euros) per an hour while you get only 30 minutes lunch break or not even that much. Of course, it’s just an example but so common in case of the student jobs as I see.  I am not willing to do things what I don’t want, is bad for me and piss me off. Based on this values anybody can travel who wants. The only one question is when your dreams come true.